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telephone-girl.jpgIf you’ve decided not to vaccinate on the CDC recommended schedule by avoiding vaccines entirely, stopping them once you’ve started or by pursuing a selective/delayed schedule, it can be difficult to find a medical provider who is supportive. Below are some suggestions for finding a provider who supports your decisions for your family. Please note that vaccinations are not necessarily a part of the agenda for many of these organizations/sites, but these groups tend to draw people who have made alternative choices and will bolster your chances of finding like-minded parents.

La Leche League

Attend a local La Leche League meeting or visit the forums.

Yahoo Groups

There are several YahooGroups dedicated to the topic of vaccines or finding a practitioner. Two of interest are AP_Doctor_Referral and Vaccinations. Use the search function with the word “vaccine” to browse the possibilities – there are several groups dedicated to specific states or countries.

Attachment Parenting International (API)

Find a local API group near you and attend a meeting. Often there are playgroups or social gatherings where you may find some good leads.

Holistic Moms

Holistic Moms is an organization that strongly believes in informed choice. Membership gets you great local contacts as well as a local emailing list and a national list, among other benefits.

Finding Your Tribe at Mothering

Mothering magazine’s web site has a great section called Finding Your Tribe. The forums are grouped by state (within the U.S) or country so you can search your area and/or post and ask specific questions.

These were just a few ideas to help you get started. If you have other ideas that weren’t mentioned, please send them to us and we’ll update this list!


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  1. concerned parent on Sun, 20th Apr 2008 2:20 pm
  2. The Dr. Sears website has a list of about 35 “vaccine friendly” doctors (those who support parents’ decisions to decline, delay or selectively vaccinate) in 17 states:

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