A Stolen Life

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by Marge Grant
This book gave me information I had never encountered previously.

The story tells of Marge and Jim Grant who were extremely happy when they received their second son,  Scott, who was anxiously awaited by his brother Shawn, age 4 at the time.

As most parents, the Grants wanted the very best for both their children and that of course included excellent health care. They felt secure that their pediatrician, Dr. Weatherhogg met that need.

Their older son, Shawn, had received the then current CDC recommenced vaccines and so would their new son.

It was the year 1961 when Scott was taken to his four month well baby visit and Dr. Weatherhogg informed Marge that an even better vaccine than the DTP which was the vaccine that was given to Shawn, was now on the market. The new vaccine was from Parke, Davis & Company and was known as the Quadrigen – benevolently know as the “quad”. It contained the original combinated three vaccines: diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus, plus the polio vaccine.

Marge was pleased. Little did she know that this very shot would forever change Scott’s life and cause inconceivable heartache for the entire family.

This is a true story of the Grant family and although the subject is of a heartbreaking nature, Marge Grant managed to explain it in such a way that it leaves you angry at what happened rather than simply sad. The accurate information contained in this story is invaluable.

Marge is a woman who stood up to the challenge. She presented the story of Scott not only on public TV but also filed a court case which went all the way to the Supreme Court. Marge pursued every avenue and worked tirelessly to receive some justice for her son and in the process learned how unscrupulous human beings can be.

Not only did the court system totally fail Scott and blatantly permit the billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation to use corrupt ways of side stepping the real issue, but the story exposes the ugly side of human nature at a very base level.

People who masqueraded as vaccine opponents to gain the trust of the vaccine-leery public, took full advantage of the Grants’ TV appearances.

Behind the scenes a different plot was unfolding. While the Grants were on the Phil Donahue show calls were taking place that would give away valuable information.

This information was the launching pad for a new anti-vaccine group which in partnership with corrupt politicians, giant pharmaceutical conglomerates, and the American Academy of Pediatrics created the basis for our current vaccine compensation legislation. The legislation is unique, in that it provides protection to an industry, while often robbing vaccine-damaged children of either decent compensation, or a fair tort trial, yet ensures that the American public pays all the legal bills, while the vaccine manufacturers sit pretty with the profits.

This factual account written by Marge Grant is an eye opener at the very least but it could be a complete life changing experience for some readers.


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  1. applejuice on Tue, 20th Oct 2009 12:37 pm
  2. I am reading this book now. The doctors at Mayo Clinic told her intially it was the vaccines that caused the problems.

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