Indian Physicians slapped with anti-vaccine label!

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Why? Because they questioned a WHO (World Health Organization) diktat in favor of universal Hib vaccination in India.

Sorry, but this is getting ridiculous. Anyone, at any time who raises any concern about the safety, efficacy, or appropriateness of any vaccine is now called anti-vaccine.

Here is a potted history of the recent outbreak of name-calling.

In the July 2010 issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Research this editorial appeared: Introducing pentavalent vaccine in the EPI in India: A counsel for caution.

The latest WHO position paper on Hib says ‘Hib vaccine should be included in all routine immunization programmes. This suggests that Hib vaccine should be included in the immunization programme universally, irrespective of an individual country’s disease burden, not withstanding of natural immunity attained within the country against the disease, and not taking into account the rights of sovereign States to decide how they use their limited resources. The mandate and wisdom of issuing such a directive, for a disease that has little potential of becoming a pandemic, needs to be questioned.

The editorial reviews the available data and on the basis of the science, questions the need for the Hib vaccine in India.

In response to this thoughtful challenge to the WHO policy on Hib, a news commentary was published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) which called the concerned doctors an “anti-vaccine lobby.”  This article, which is unreferenced, claims:

The Hib organism, which can cause severe bacterial meningitis and pneumonia, is estimated to kill more than 370 000 children worldwide each year, GAVI said. Nearly 20% of these deaths occur in India.

In response to the BMJ article, a rapid response was published in the online version of the BMJ by eight members of the supposed “lobby”

The doctors wrote:

The thrust for including Hib vaccine in India is based on 2 arguments. The first is that there is anecdotal evidence of the existence of Hib disease and Hib meningitis in India and that Hib meningitis may lead to long term morbidity. The second argument is that the well-to-do parents sometimes buy Hib vaccine in the open market to vaccinate their children. The Government of India must therefore provide it free for the poor, on the grounds of equity and fair play (2).

The problem with the anecdotal reports is that they do not specify the size of the universe from which the samples are drawn and public health policies cannot be based on these figures without a denominator. The many systematic surveys done to look at the magnitude of the problem of Hib disease in India have nearly always shown that the incidence of Hib disease is much lower than what was projected for India. Most of these studies have been funded by the WHO and these have been reviewed recently in an open access journal (3).

So, we have the BMJ calling names and publishing an unreferenced attack claiming high numbers of deaths from Hib, while the supposed anti-vaccine lobby provides carefully referenced information debunking the claims.

The pro-vaccine lobby has plumbed to new depths.


2 Comments on Indian Physicians slapped with anti-vaccine label!

  1. Erwin Alber on Fri, 9th Jul 2010 4:29 am
  2. The reason why hib infection in India is likely to be considerably lower than the WHO estimate may well be that according to an article I recently read, only about 53% of Indian children are vaccinated. Children in villages in remote areas are apparently mostly out of vaccinators’ reach. The article consequently lamented that poor children were missing out on life-saving vaccines. Anyone who knows how damaging vaccines are will however realise that the fact that 47% of Indian children remain unvaccinated would in fact be a blessing in disguise.

    For one thing, it is likely to keep the incidence of haemophilus influenzae B down, as hib appears to be a vaccine-related type of bacterial meningitis which is now combated by with vaccine specifically created to deal with this side-effect of vaccination. Some people don’t call the WHO the World Hell Organisation for nothing, as it seems little more than a front for medical-pharmaceutical interests.
    Let’s hope that the Indian government will explain the WHO in some detail what to do with the hib vaccine and all the rest of the filthy poisons the WHO distributes around the globe.

  3. Ross Coe on Sun, 20th Nov 2011 4:30 pm

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